High Performance Computing

Transform innovation into
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high performance
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Recent advances in compute, networking and storage technologies have put high performance computing (HPC) — and thus data analytics and AI — within reach for more applications than ever before. Whether you’re working to save lives, understand the universe, build better machines, neutralize financial risks or anticipate customer sentiment, with high performance computing solutions, you can impact the success of your organization — and shape the future of our world.

High Performance Solve the most
complex problems
Execute highly complex and compute-intensive tasks in real-time with high performance computing infrastructure
High Performance Accelerate time
to results
Dramatically simplify the design and configuration of HPC systems while saving time
High Performance Computing Protect your
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High Performance

Ready Solutions for HPC Research

HPC systems engineered for research including climate and weather modeling, geosciences oil & gas.

High Performance

Ready Solutions for HPC Life Sciences

HPC systems designed for workloads such as genomics, proteomics, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics and/or cryo-EM.

High Performance

Ready Solutions for HPC Digital Manufacturing

HPC systems created for structural analysis including computational fluid dynamics, noise/vibration, and electro-magnetics.

High Performance

Ready Solutions for HPC Storage

Unlock the value of your data with HPC systems for NFS, Lustre, PixStor or BeeGFS storage.

High Performance

Ready Architectures for HPC/AI

Architect a solution for your organization with speed, confidence and savings.

Infrastructure Optimized for High Performance
Computing and AI

Our modern high performance computing infrastructure makes adoption faster, simpler, and more collaborative. We deliver a choice of flexible and scalable HPC solutions for organizations of every size, with purpose-built servers, storage and workstations to address every use case.

power edge



Dell EMC PowerEdge servers support powerful accelerators at a single-node and multi-node level to align with AI, machine and deep learning applications.

power switch



Flip the switch to open networking, delivering network performance from 10-100GbE and beyond.




Secure your most important assets with industry- leading storage and data protection solutions.




Powerful Dell Precision workstations democratize AI accessibility for any organization or project.

High Performance Computing and Industry

Defense and Security

Defense and Security

HPC systems designed for workloads such as cyber-security, surveillance, and emergency management



HPC systems designed for workloads such as reservoir simulation, seismic processing and high performance data analytics

Financial Services

Financial Services

HPC systems created for workloads such as risk analysis, algorithmic trading, and fraud prevention

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

HPC systems designed for workloads such as rendering, high-resolution personalized content and streaming