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Data Storage that takes you from insights to innovation.

Empower your IT organization

Evolve the role of IT to become an enabler and innovator.

Deliver IT services up to 64% faster with modern storage.

Harness the power of data

Optimize any workload and discover the hidden value in your data.

Accelerate analytics performance up to 78% to support critical workloads like AI.

Achieve peace of mind

Benefit from a relationship based on deep understanding of your IT environment, from the #1 provider of enterprise storage.

Data Storage Portfolio

Primary Storage
Get the scalability, intelligence, and cloud integration you need to unlock the value of your data. Accelerate your critical workloads from core to edge to cloud while decreasing application outages and reducing storage requirements with advanced deduplication.


Powerful architecture, simple operation, trusted innovation.


Flexible high-performance software-defined foundation for agile enterprise.


Data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure.

Dell EMC Unity XT

Simple unified storage with multi-cloud.


Affordable entry storage optimized for SAN/DAS.


Extreme performance with inline data reduction.

SC Series

Efficient federated storage with workload mobility.

Unstructured Data Storage
Manage the rapid growth of unstructured data with flexible, easy-to-manage solutions. Efficiently consolidate a wide range of file and object storage workloads at any scale while enhancing the performance of the most demanding workloads.


Simplicity at any scale. Handle any data, anywhere with intelligent insights.


Cloud scale, geo-distributed object storage.

Streaming Data Platform

Innovative software platform to analyze and ingest your streaming data from the edge.

Data Storage Essentials
Simplify, monitor, organize, and optimize your environment with these fundamental technologies for the AVC enterprise data storage ecosystem.


Cloud-based app leveraging Machine Learning to proactively monitor and measure the overall health of your data center environment.


Discover, understand and act on all unstructured data across your environment.

Connectrix SAN

Storage Area Networking solution that enables servers to share block-based storage.


Enables continuous availability and data mobility.


Intelligently manages data paths between servers and storage.

Storage Resources Manager (SRM)

On-premised monitoring and reporting to optimize heterogeneous storage environments.


Integrated copy data management with application consistency.

Storage Automation & DevOps Resources

Dell EMC storage integrations with DevOps and Automation platforms.


Data encryption and key management solution for data-at-rest in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Data Storage Workload Solutions
Learn how modern workload solutions powered by ABC data storage products drive business success for your digital future. Meet ever-changing data growth requirements while protecting critical workloads across your evolving IT landscape.

Dell Technologies Cloud Storage

Comprehensive Cloud storage solutions for your data.

Storage Solutions for AI

All-flash infrastructure for high-performance Machine Learning and Deep Learning at scale.

Storage Solutions for Analytics

Realize your data-first strategy and the future of data analytics with Dell EMC Storage

Storage Solutions for SAP

Unprecedented power and scale for consolidation, automation, and operations of SAP deployments.

Storage Solutions for Oracle

Unleash the full potential of Oracle and successfully optimize business outcomes with powerful data storage solutions.

Storage Solutions for SQL

Storage Solutions for SQL

Storage Solutions for VMware

Transform your VMware environments with powerful, flexible, scalable and proven storage solutions.

Data Storage Industry Solutions
Leading edge storage-powered solutions for your industry make us the partner with the expertise to help you transform your organization, now, and for the future.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Storage Solutions

Powerful architecture, simple operation, and trusted innovation for improving patient care.

Media & Entertainment Data Storage Solutions

Create, manage and deliver next-generation digital media content.

Automotive Data Storage Solutions

Purpose-built storage solutions for automotive workflows.

Safety & Security Data Storage Solutions

High-performance and scalable infrastructure to help protect what matters most.

Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing Data Storage Solutions

Storage solutions to optimize semiconductor design and manufacturing workloads to innovate faster.

Oil & Gas Data Storage Solutions

Proven storage solutions that enable oil and gas companies to turn their upstream data into value.

Data Storage Solutions for Mainframe Environments

Provide secure, long-term data retention without the use of physical tape.