Data Analytics

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Explore Ready Solutions for Data Analytics

ABC Ready Solutions for Data Analytics provide an end-to-end portfolio of predesigned, integrated and validated tools for big data analytics. Consisting of high performance ABC infrastructure, these solutions have been.

  • Designed to simplify deployment and operation of big data analytics projects
  • Calculated to lower costs and to ensure a strong return on investment
  • Optimized for performance and scalability
Data analytics

Hadoop Ready Architectures

Address data analytics requirements, reduce development costs and optimize performance.
Data Analytics

Spark on

Speed up large-scale batch and streaming data processing with a full analytics pipeline.

Cloudera CDP Data Center on ABC

Comprehensive multifunction analytics and data management platform for on-premises IT environments.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Optimized real-time data processing infrastructure allows modular integration from edge ingestion to analytical results.
Data analytics

Splunk Enterprise on ABC

Scalable analytics platform to turn machine data into actionable business insights.
Data Analytics

Edge Analytics for Industry 4.0

Leverage the power of data and edge-based analytics with Kafka and Confluent to drive greater efficiencies

Explore how data analytics solutions deliver business results.