About ABC


Advanced Business Computing W.L.L (ABC) is one of Qatar’s top Information Technology Products and Services providers. Highly experienced and well trusted as an IT partner in Qatar market, ABC has build a reputation based on providing superior products, solutions and services, blended with unbeatable customer care.

Our Vision

To become Qatar’s leading provider of IT related products, solutions and services and be valued by those who value excellence.

Our Mission

To meet our customer’s expectations by providing information technology products that conform exactly to agreed specifications and exceed our customer’s expectations by the quality of service we deliver.

About East Gulf Group

Over the years, EG maintained sustainable growth to stay positioned as a leading Technology group in Qatar. EG offers to its affiliates a solid financial position, managed Operations and financial services, and of course, an unbeatable reputation with customers and strategic vendors.

East Gulf Ltd. adopts the spirit of being a High-Integrity Company, providing world-class technologies and solutions to the Qatari market and focusing on customer satisfaction.

About Midis Group

With more than 5000 professionals, some 100 of the world’s leading IT vendors, and a solid 50-year track record of performance and reliability, the Midis Group is an international organization of over 170 companies across Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

The group is known for its advanced offering of managed IT services and consultancy, system integration, cloud and data center capabilities and infrastructure, software and hardware solutions, as well as technology distribution and retail. It was named in 2006 as one of the World Economic Forum’s initial 100 Global Growth Companies. The group focuses on providing the best in services, with integrity, to vendors, partners, and customers across the destinations it serves.

ABC has a versatile and expanding portfolio of services managed by a team of top industry professionals.